Can I Invest even if I don’t have an investment background?

- Yes! We are crowdfunding which means anyone from around the world can buy shares. If you have no prior experience in investing in startups we suggest to watch this video for educational information about investing. Watch Here


Can I invest from any country in the world?

- Yes, all residence and non-residents can hold shares in a UK company.     

See Official UK government document here 



Can I sell my shares anytime?

- Sell your shares anytime to other willing investors. Or hold your shares in the next round of funding and you could profit more. 



How will the raised money be used?


- Capital raised for La Hera Fashion LTD will be used for growth marketing and inventory management. 


Is there a minimum purchase amount of shares?

- Yes, the minimum amount of La Hera shares that can be purchased is 100 Shares.


Can I buy shares more than once?

- Yes, you may make several purchases of shares but there is a limit to 50,000 shares that can be held by one legal entity.


Can my company buy shares?

- Yes, your company can buy shares in La Hera. Note* At check out please include all company details including the full address of the company.



Are there Investor meetings?

- Yes we hold monthly Live zoom calls with our investors


What is the share breakdown? 


- We are offering a total of 10% of total la hera  for 1 Million Pounds

Is there a limit to the amount of La Hera shares I can buy? 

Yes, we want to open this opportunity to the most number of people. The max amount of shares that can be held by one individual is 50,000 shares.


Will the La Hera Shares that I own pay a dividend?

- Yes, all la hera shareholders will receive an annual dividend. Note this amount is determined on profitability of the financial year of the company and will be determined by our financial auditors during the annual board meeting.

What you will get for once you have invested.


- Share Certificate (by Email)

- Welcome Package

- Monthly Financial reports

- Full access to the partner program and earn 25% for all referred sales under your account 

- Invite to monthly zoom with Daniel Philip and the La Hera lead team (Meeting is held at 12 pm UK time on the first Monday of each month. Meeting will be recorded and will be available for all investors to watch)


Videos from the Team Members